I always wanted to develop myself into a person who has the clarity of thought in crucial moments to make the right call. And that is not possible unless you have an end to end understanding of the business you are in. IIM Indore equipped me with knowledge to understand businesses, analytical skills to solve problems and a 360 degree view to help me make the right call when the time comes. The environment at planet-I ensures many different learning paths - from your professors, from your fellow professionals, by doing work together, building new teams and achieving success together. This 24X7 and multichannel learning is the key USP of this grand institution and the program. You develop into a person who sees a problem from many different angles, understands and evaluates different solutions, takes into consideration all perspectives from different personas and comes out with the decision that makes everyone win.
Businesses can be compared with living beings - MBAs are the brain that makes it tick. And IIM-I is the perfect environment where a healthy brain can be nurtured and developed into a great mind.

Ankan Paul (EPGP 2013-14)
Staff Technical Program Manager, Walmart

I am thrilled to share my heartfelt testimonial about my transformative journey in the EPGP program at IIM Indore. Joining this esteemed institution was influenced by its stellar reputation, exceptional faculty, and strong alumni network. Throughout the program, I gained invaluable takeaways, including a holistic understanding of business functions, strategic thinking, and effective leadership skills. The peer-learning experience provided a dynamic platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange with accomplished professionals from diverse industries. The international immersion program accelerated my learning by exposing me to global business practices and fostering a global mindset. I am grateful for the knowledge, skills, and network gained through this program, which have empowered me to thrive in my professional career. I wholeheartedly recommend the EPGP program at IIM Indore to those seeking a transformative educational experience.

Gaurav Minocha (EPGP 13-14)
Technical Delivery Manager, British Telecom

The IIM Indore Executive Post Graduate Program was an extraordinary experience that transformed my career. The case-based learning approach was a game-changer, challenging us to solve real-world business problems. The academic curriculum was top-notch, covering diverse management disciplines and keeping us updated with the latest industry trends. The faculty's expertise was exceptional, with professors who were not only knowledgeable but also approachable mentors. The highlight of the program was the international immersion program, where we delved into global business environments, expanding our horizons and understanding of different cultures and markets. This exposure gave me a competitive edge in the global job market and broadened my professional network. I attribute my career success to the skills, knowledge, and international exposure gained through IIM Indore's EPGP. I highly recommend this program to ambitious professionals seeking a transformative educational journey.

Gaurav Sahu (EPGP 20-21)
Product Manager, McKinsey India

"EPGP from IIM Indore gives us immense opportunities to learn new skills & sharpen your existing skills. This program not only gives us the holistic understanding of any business but also gives us an opportunity to interact with the talented cohort from diverse industries starting from IT, S&M, Operations, finance etc. The journey throughout the course is truly phenomenal & transformational. So, there is no exception in my journey also. The well curated pedagogy combining with excellent peer learning in EPGP helped in developing my existing capabilities & building new capabilities which are now helping me in delivering positive & meaningful results to my stakeholders. Going into EPGP is one of the best & fortunate moments in my career & life."

Abanta Kumar Majumdar (EPGP 20-21)
Management Consultant, Accenture Strategy

EPGP program at IIM Indore proves to be a real transformational centre where one can discover harness its full potential of being a true leader. The key takeaways from the program are its practical aspects of business management, data analytical skills and scaling & honing interpersonal skills. The Industry Consulting Module offers excellent opportunity for the participants to work on wide range of live problem statements of the industry which promotes creative thinking and practical resolution of the concerns for the corporation. The International Immersion program at SDA Bocconi, Milan, offers a global industry perspective of the business scenarios in Europe which provides a sneak peek into luxury management module which assists participants gain in-depth knowledge. To conclude, I would say that this program plays a pivotal role in metamorphosing a student from their cocoon equipping them with requisite tools and techniques to pave their way as future leaders.

Raghvendra Pandey (EPGP 19-20)
Management Consultant, Vector Consulting Group

Having my own business in Chile, South America and experiencing setbacks due to mismanagement, lack of business expertise and watching other B-school and IIM alums owned businesses’ successful execution forced me to explore MBA. Although I had offers in B-schools abroad with sound scholarships, I joined IIM Indore as it helped my long-term goals to understand local markets and settle in India. The EPGP Programme helped to change my whole thought process - both personally & professionally and taught me how to break my assumptions and helped open my eyes to real-time varied domain knowledge & experiences. This program is outstanding and its peer-learning component is the core differentiator compared to other programs and provides an invaluable amount of learning experience from diverse multiple domains. The international immersion component also exposes the participants to different cultures, business models and customer mindsets in order to scale global business opportunities.

Kishore Babu (EPGP 17-18)
Strategy Consultant, Accenture