The EPGP program at IIM Indore helped me develop a 360-degree perspective and a holistic approach towards complex business problems. The principal charm of the program lies in perspective development. The program also helped me understand my own strengths and weaknesses and how to leverage the same. The pedagogy adopted is also unlike any other institution and is inclusive. Peer learning is equally important to me and the diverse background of the participants accelerated the same. The international immersion at UT Austin, helped me learn to structure my approach to a problem and be analytical in finding a solution. All this has helped me develop as a professional and today I am valued for the perspective that I bring to any discussion in my organization.

Atul Dahiya (EPGP 15-16)
DGM – Group Business Development, West & Central Africa, Sterling & Wilson

In the world of uncertainty, change is constant. The one-year full time MBA- EPGP is the kind of metamorphosis one needs in their professional journey. From incubating essential business vision to leveraging their experiences, one evolves in the journey as a business professional. The EPGP at IIMI provides a great platform to accelerate career progression through networking, peer learning, and customised curriculum taught by a world-class faculty.

Chinmay Sashidharan (EPGP 18-19)
Business Consulting, Supply Chain & Operations, EY

With 13+ years of enriching experience in the IT Services industry, I decided to do an MBA and 'build on my strengths'. Doing an MBA at a stage when you have family and kids to take care of, is indeed a challenge. However, IIM Indore ecosystem converted that challenge into an opportunity and pleasant experience. It feels great to say that IIM Indore EPGP program has fulfilled my academic and professional expectations. Program has strengthened my Capabilities, Credentials, and Confidence to re-enter into a leadership role.

Avinash B. Narwade (EPGP 19-20)
Strategy Manager, TCS

EPGP program helped me to connect my 16+ years of experience in ideation of growth strategies with the opportunities created by digital technologies. The EPGP platform provided an opportunity to learn with young peers, work with the energized action-oriented minds and integrate the individual's strengths for the best outcome. The international Immersion facilitated Interactions with the students, faculties and start-ups in Austin, and expanded my understanding to create completely new forms of businesses.

Ujjval Bhatt (EPGP 18-19)
Team Lead - Director's Office Central Business Development Group

EPGP program at IIM Indore proves to be a real transformational centre where one can discover harness its full potential of being a true leader. The key takeaways from the program are its practical aspects of business management, data analytical skills and scaling & honing interpersonal skills. The Industry Consulting Module offers excellent opportunity for the participants to work on wide range of live problem statements of the industry which promotes creative thinking and practical resolution of the concerns for the corporation. The International Immersion program at SDA Bocconi, Milan, offers a global industry perspective of the business scenarios in Europe which provides a sneak peek into luxury management module which assists participants gain in-depth knowledge. To conclude, I would say that this program plays a pivotal role in metamorphosing a student from their cocoon equipping them with requisite tools and techniques to pave their way as future leaders.

Raghvendra Pandey (EPGP 19-20)
Management Consultant, Vector Consulting Group

Having my own business in Chile, South America and experiencing setbacks due to mismanagement, lack of business expertise and watching other B-school and IIM alums owned businesses’ successful execution forced me to explore MBA. Although I had offers in B-schools abroad with sound scholarships, I joined IIM Indore as it helped my long-term goals to understand local markets and settle in India. The EPGP Programme helped to change my whole thought process - both personally & professionally and taught me how to break my assumptions and helped open my eyes to real-time varied domain knowledge & experiences. This program is outstanding and its peer-learning component is the core differentiator compared to other programs and provides an invaluable amount of learning experience from diverse multiple domains. The international immersion component also exposes the participants to different cultures, business models and customer mindsets in order to scale global business opportunities.

Kishore Babu (EPGP 17-18)
Strategy Consultant, Accenture