Sourabh Lahoti

Sourabh Lahoti

8 Years 9 Months Overall Experience
Detail oriented Operations and Manufacturing professional with 8.9 years of experience in Multinational Automotive companies in India. Proven ability to optimize processes, manage projects, and lead product design & development. Adept at learning and implementing new business processes and improvements.

Functional Areas



National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli
Bachelor of Technology – Mechanical Engineering



Certified Scrum Product Owner by ScrumAlliance


Machine Learning by Stanford online.



Mahindra and Mahindra

2 Years


May'21 - Apr'23

  • Conducted a thorough assessment of the premium segment global electric motorcycles, with a focus on critical features and specifications.
  • Based on the assessment, created a dashboard, to analyze and identify the product gap, to assist the CTO in the Strategic decision-making.
  • Spearheaded the design and development of an Innovative Piston Assembly Tool (IPAT), achieving an unprecedented 90% reduction in cycle time. Subsequently, prepared a patent disclosure form.
  • Supported the service team in implementing the IPAT across all BSA motorcycle dealerships in the United Kingdom.
  • Collaborated closely with the CTO and BSA motorcycles team (United Kingdom) to deliver drivetrain for the Electric Vehicle project Goldstar.
  • Created and presented detailed project roadmaps, keeping the Stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the project life.
  • Collaborated with suppliers and cross functional teams to achieve a reduction of 15% in the prototype production time, surpassing internal benchmarks.
Bajaj Auto Ltd

1 Years 3 Months


Jan'20 - Apr'21

  • Improved the metal casting productivity by 25% by implementing multicavity die designs on two projects.
  • Implemented a cost-effective automation solution to eliminate setup change time for machining components of a common brand on the same machine line.
  • POC for the design and development of the engine for the inaugural project resulting from the Strategic partnership between Bajaj Auto Ltd and Triumph Motorcycles.
  • Led a team of 10 diploma engineers and 5 GTEs. Delivered training and mentorship on various engineering elements.
Bajaj Auto Ltd

2 Years 8 Months

Assistant Manager

Mar'17 - Jan'20

  • Led the design and development of Cylinder heads for automobile engines for 30+ projects across 12 product lines, optimizing cost and performance metrics.
  • Improved the engine air intake efficiency by 12% in engine for the Pulsar 2024 motorcycle lineup, resulting in segment-leading power and torque figures.
  • Improved the engine cooling efficiency by 8% by leveraging in-depth thermal analysis, resulting in effective vehicle packaging for the KTM motorcycles.
  • Elevated the aesthetics of the KTM motorcycle by a meticulous redesign of the engine surface, resulting in a 90% customer satisfactionrating.
Bajaj Auto Ltd

2 Years 8 Months

Senior Engineer

Jul'14 - Mar'17

  • Performedin-depthanalysis on motorcycle engine strength to predict and prevent potential failure points in 15+ projects, ensuring reliability and performance.
  • Initiated and developed a modular ergonomics validation tool for the driver, streamlining the optimization and eliminating the need for repeated prototypes, resulting in cost savings and accelerated product development.