Shravan Kumar

Shravan Kumar

14 Years Overall Experience
A seasoned fashion & retail professional with a demonstrated ability to drive operational excellence, enhance customer experience, and optimize supply chain strategies. Proven expertise in business development, product design, and marketing. Adept at collaborating with cross-functional teams to achieve strategic objectives.

Functional Areas



National Institute of Fashion Technology
Bachelor of Design (Fashion & Apaprel)



Best Design Collection Award
National Institute of Fashion Technology


Empanelled Designer
Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts)– North East Region-Ministry of Textiles



Certified Scrum Product Owner(CSPO)
Scrum Alliance


Being a product Manager(Complete Guide)


Imagine XP



Kaybee Private. Ltd., Gurugram , India

3 Years 11 months

Assistant Manager(Sales/Textiles)

May'19 - Mar'23

Business Development

  • Drove a 5 million-USD sales deal from lead to closure through rigorous qualification, compelling presentations, and deep customer engagement.
  • Partnered with sales teams in Brazil and Mexico to secure profitable customer deals and ensure timely product delivery
  • Promoted to lead Business Development (Textiles) in Africa , spearheading market entry and product penetration strategies.

Supply Chain Management

  • Digitally transformed order management using Microsoft Dynamics 365, boosting efficiency by 25 %.
  • Implemented strategic vendor sourcing and negotiation strategies to achieve a margin improvement from 8% to 10% and a 25% reduction in lead time.
  • Led cross-functional teams in India, China, and Pakistan to drive efficient procurement and logistics management.

Crisis Management

  • Averted a $13,000 penalty by effectively mediating a conflict between a strategic client and Yarn division, demonstrating exceptional negotiation and client management skills.
Edinburgh Woollen Mill (UK), Liaison Office Gurugram, India.

1 Year 11 Months

Senior Designer

Apr'17 - Feb'19

Marketing Strategy & Product Development

  • Pioneered digitalization in design and prototyping, slashing sampling costs by 50% and expediting product development cycles.
  • Invited by Menswear Team at Head Office, Cardiff, to contribute to product & strategy development for the Summer and Winter clothing collection.
  • Contributed to optimizing product portfolio and vendor selection for Peacocks menswear, ensuring cost-effectiveness, quality, and timely delivery for 400+ UK stores.

Global Market Insights and Product Design

  • Demonstrated a keen eye for fashion trends by designing buyer-approved collections that increased design hit rate by 20%.
  • Leveraged consumer insights and brand analysis to design cost-effective solutions, resulting in a 50% business transfer from third parties to the India liaison office.
  • Collaboratively managed product development and strategic vendor negotiations for the Peacocks menswear brand across India and Bangladesh, resulting in a 2-5% year-over-year margin improvement.
Kaybee Private. Ltd., Gurugram ,India

10 Months

Senior Designer

Jun'16 - Apr'17

Product Design & Development

  • Researched, designed, and developed clothing products tailored for the Latin American market.
  • Pioneered seamless cross-functional collaboration with the Bangladesh office, ensuring the successful development of new clothing collections
Between Fashion, New Delhi, India

1 Year 4 Months


Mar'15 - Jun'16

Founder/ Director

  • Forged a strategic partnership with MonikoMarchodour to expand Fashion projects into high-end fashion boutiques worldwide
Headhunter Ink, Guwahati, India

1 Year 2 Months

Senior Designer

Jan'14 - Mar'15

Senior Designer/Founding Team member

  • Led an in-depth research project to document and preserve Naga tribal art and culture, showcasing a deep understanding of cultural heritage and its potential for commercialization
Concord Ventures Bangalore, India/ Dhaka,Bangladesh

3 Years 11 Months


Feb'10 - Dec'13

  • Selected to lead the Bangladesh Product Development Team, showcasing leadership and expertise in product development.
  • Headed a 3-member product development team in Dhaka, Bangladesh, overseeing successful project execution.
Goldenseam Textiles (Export House), Bangalore, India

2 Years 7 Months

Assistant Designer

Jun'08 - Dec'10

Lords and Fools –(Premium Fashion Luxury Brand), Paris, France

3 Years 10 Months

Project-Product Development

Apr'19 - May'19

  • Selected to join a 4-member design team tasked with creating the entire men's collection for the 2020 Summer and Fall seasons.
  • Established a cost-effective supply chain based in, achieving a 20% reduction in overall production costs through strategic.
Decathlon , Gurugram, India

3 Months

Sport Leader-Part Time

Mar'19 - May'19

  • Directly contributed to a 5% increase in customer satisfaction and sales as a member of the Newfeel Team, demonstrating exceptional customer engagement and sales skills.
  • Contributed to graphic design for sports events, showcasing a multi-faceted skill.