Sailesh Marella

Sailesh Marella

10 Years 7 Months Overall Experience
Experienced professional in manufacturing sector with exposure in diverse roles such as operations management, project management, process optimization, total quality management, resource planning, procurement and environment sustainability. Lead diverse teams to critically solve problems, managed performances, mentored people, managed conflicts and handled disagreements. Adept in utilization of techniques such as JIT, CPM and debottlenecking to increase efficiency in the shop.

Functional Areas



Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur
Bachelor of Technology – Mechanical Engineering

2008 – 2012


Jawaharlal Nehru Award
Received the award for the Best Performing Employee out of 15,000 employees in RINL, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant in the year 2021


Consortium Consulting Case Study
Qualified into the list of top 50 teams out of more than 7000 teams across India in a consulting case study competition organized by IIM – A,B,C and ISB in the year 2023


ITL Industries Industry Consulting Module
Helped ITL Industries, Indore to achieve their production target by debottlenecking their production process and rebalancing their line production in the year 2023



Quantitative Methods
By Harvard Business School


Finance Course
By Harvard Business School


Mathematics For Management
By Harvard Business School



RINL, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant

10 Years 7 Months


Aug'12 - Apr'23


  • Lead various teams of operations and maintenance by critically managing manpower and planning resources using JIT (Just in time) techniques to meet targets of daily production of liquid steel, worth nearly Rs 500 million a day.
  • Successfully executed the project to revamp existing machinery in shop floor by decreasing manufacturing lead time and thereby increasing volume of steel production by 16%, adding to net increase in cost of sales of steel by Rs 50 billion annually.
  • Decreased the MTR (Mean time to repair) of oxygen furnace during campaign repair, from 14 days to 10 days, by introducing the CPM (Critical path method) which resulted in increased availability of machine hours by 3% per annum.



  • Reduced number of breakdowns at shop floor by introducing new product prototype of nozzles, thereby decreasing down time by 12% and increasing MTBF (mean time between failures) from 52 hours to 100 hours
  • Optimized consumption of argon gas at bloom cutting station by using predictive techniques and saving Rs 13 million a day
  • Reduced energy consumption from 120 mega calorie per ton of crude steel to 110 mega calorie per ton of crude steel, thereby complying with ISO 50001 standards of energy management practices, which led to savings of Rs 500 million annually
  • Restored the electro static precipitators of central ventilation system in the shop floor, thereby decreasing the hourly stack emissions of flue gases by 2% thereby complying to ISO 45001 standards of occupational health and safety
  • Reduced process waste by reutilizing flue gases and decreased greenhouse gas emissions by 4% annually which helped improve the carbon credit score of the company



  • Improved product innovation of liquid steel by introducing new design of nozzles which decreased defect rate from 2% to 1.2% which led to faster transit times, increased internal customer demand fulfillment by 0.9% and reduced bullwhip effect in the supply chain
  • Involved in implementation of OHSAS 18001 standards, Kaizen, 5S and Quality Circles at sectional level and departmental level