Prateek Pawar

Prateek Pawar

10 Years 8 Months Overall Experience
With over a decade of successful project and general management, I excel in leading cross-functional teams to achieve timely, budget-friendly delivery of complex domestic and international projects. Proficient in multitasking and global collaboration, I consistently deliver innovative solutions. Certified CSPO with expertise in process improvement, digitalization, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and Software Product Management. My track record reflects a result-driven approach, demonstrating a commitment to excellence in project leadership and management.

Functional Areas



Shri GS Institute of Technology & Science, Indore
BE – Civil Engineering



Talent Champion
Awarded Talent Champion Award for contribution towards spreading knowledge and building internal capability.
Pi-Award (regional round qualification)
Qualified for regional round of Pi-award (Pan L&T Competition) for Bassein Development Project (Compressor Module).
ICONS-Bronze Medal
Won Bronze Medal for (Integration of 3 PC trains in a single module) which resulted in saving of over 2.3 million USD.
Second Position in Industry Consulting Module
Awarded Second Position for remarkable contribution in group project - Assessing the real impact of clean cooking initiatives by EKI in Madhya Pradesh


Certified Scrum Product Owner


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
Henry Harvin


Software Product Management
University of Alberta/Coursera


Digital Transformation



L&T Energy Hydrocarbon

9 years 1 months


Jul'12 - Mar'23

Project Management | Product Management

  • Delivered end-to-end structural scope of work for 8 EPC projects (>USD 2000 Million), by collaborating with domestic clients, international clients and global teams, resulting in on-time completion within the projected budget for all the projects
  • Leveraged Agile Methodology by arranging weekly cross-functional meetings and conducting in-depth progress data analyses, addressing 20% progress backlog within 5 months
  • Managed full engagement of consultants, acting as a single point of contact overseeing all communications, contract management and payment processes, resulting in 100% on-time document submission and consultant partnership development

Client Engagement | International Team Management

  • Represented L&T across client offices and sites, by leading client management initiatives and fostering collaboration within international teams, obtaining client approval with 0 comments/observations.
  • Successfully managed client expectations by proactively addressing client requirements, maintaining seamless communication and arranging periodic reviews, resulting in 100% client approvals ahead of schedule.
  • Collaborated with 4 international teams on the construction ship LTS 3000 to conduct root cause analyses for 3000-ton crane breakdowns, facilitating faster modifications and repairs, resulting in restricted operation within 4 days.
  • Accelerated milestone and change order payments from the client through strategic client engagement, including war room reviews, achieving approval one week ahead of  schedule.

Business Strategies | Process Improvement

  • Mitigated the impact of vendor delays in project delivery through progress data analysis and vendor negotiations, resulting in vendor scope reduction and in-house capability development, thereby saving USD 0.9 million
  • Spearheaded process improvement initiative of consolidating three modules into one, by conducting risk analysis, progress reviews and design updates, resulting in cost savings of USD 2.3 million and changes for future project execution
  • Developed in-house capability to qualify existing material for facility movement by developing design methodologies and design framework, resulting in cost saving of USD 0.04 Million and reducing dependencies on sub-contractor

Business Development | Digital Transformation

  • Executed integration of stakeholder input framework in MS Office suite, by standardising the input sheets, developing input SOP and linking deliverables with inputs, resulting in a 50% reduction in report and presentation preparation efforts
  • Reduced the engineer manhour requirement by automating the manual calculation iteration with a Python Program, reducing the calculation efforts by 30% (from 8 hours to 5.6 hours)

9 Months

Planning & Control Engineer

Jul'13 - Mar'14

  • Coordinated with 5 stakeholder teams by arranging weekly meetings in the engineering phase to reduce the engineering backlog.
  • Accelerated milestone payments, closing all the settlements by negotiating with client representatives.


L&T Sapura JV

1 Year

Field Engineer - Operations

Jul'12 - Jul'13

  • Aligned with the multi-demographic team at construction ship modifications and repairs, which led to a reduction in downtime.
  • Acted as team representative from international waters with the base office for better resource management and client management resulting in faster approvals and minimising downtime.
  • Spearheaded modification of crane assembly through innovative solutions, helping in continuity of project.