Prashant Kumar Singh

Prashant Kumar Singh

7 Years 3 Months Overall Experience
I possess a working experience as a SDET – Software Development Engineer in Quality Assurance in my previous company in 2 domains of BFS and TTH. In the BFS (Banking & Finance & Securities) domain, the application was primarily related to Loans, Insurance, Credit Card, Communication, and Overdraft functionalities. My responsibilities consisted of maintaining the product quality in the major functionalities of the application by performing server-side and client-side verification. The target was to achieve a zero defect leakage. In the TTH (Travel technology and hospitality) domain, the application was related to airline ticket booking, branding, seats and ancillaries, ticket rebook – voluntary/involuntary, and ticket refund features. My responsibilities were to maintain the quality of new enhancements and to ensure that the enhancements did not introduce new defects into the system. I was also responsible to monitor the SLA/KPI data and meaningfully report them to the customer, regularly.

Functional Areas



Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi
B.Tech, Computer Science & Engineering.


'Star Team Award' for outstanding contribution to the organization in the successful completion of the project.
'On The Spot Award' for a contribution toward a successful product release.
'Special Initiative Award' for engaging in various events and creating awareness on Security Policies in the organization.


Certified SAFe® 5 Product Owner/ Product Manager

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified

Certified SAFe 5 DevOps Practitioner

Certified SAFe Practitioner


Tata Consultancy Services, Gurugram

7 Years 3 months

IT Analyst

Activities performed in compliance to the agile mindset in IT operations

  • Understanding the functional requirements comprising of User stories
  • Design the possible test scenarios via thorough analysis
  • Perform feasibility analysis to determine automation scope
  • Automate test cases
  • Verification of test scenarios via manual and automation testing for product release
  • Defect reporting, tracking and closure for future reference and trend analysis
  • Capturiing, monitoring and reporting SLA/KPI statistics as per client needs