Ankit Arya

Ankit Arya

6 Years 6 Months Overall Experience
Ankit is a power sector professional with more than 5 years of plant experience. He looked after operations of thermal power plant, complying with the safety standards and ensuring the best practices to achieve quality parameters. He has been dedicated to improve plant process by reducing operational losses. His experience includes diverse activities of lean six sigma, continuous improvement, and quality management.

Functional Areas



National Power Training Institute, Nagpur
PGDC - Thermal Power Plant Engineering
Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering, Nagpur
BE - Electrical


Nominated for Chairman’s Award

2019 & 2022

Spot Award
For saving unit tripping during control system failure


District Level Volleyball Player
Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh


Winner of Inter Department Cricket Tournament
Dept: Operations, Hindalco

2019 & 2022


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt


Digital Transformation



Hindalco Industries Limited, Renusagar

3 Months

Deputy Manager

Jan 22-Mar 22

  • Managed unit operations of Thermal Power Plant and led the team of 8 members
Hindalco Industries Limited, Renusagar

3 Year 6 Months

Assistant Manager

Jul 18-Dec 21

  • As an Area Head of boiler, turbine and generator, led the team of 6 members
  • Stopped complete black out during partial black out by stabilizing 2 units, preventing financial losses
  • Acted as unit incharge during COVID and led the team of 20 members
  • Improved combustion process, which ultimately reduced the unburnt carbon percentage by 50% and improved boiler efficiency
  • Implemented process improvement project, which has improved boiler efficiency by 0.25% and saved INR 60+ lakh annually
  • As a member of Think Tank group, responsible for brainstorming new ideas
  • Prepared the standard operating procedures (SOPs) of various critical processes and equipment
  • As a representative of Cultural Change Initiative (SHILIM), responsible for identifying bottlenecks of productivity and coordinating with employees to bring in a conducive work environment
  • Managed manpower and planned different activities to align with the timeline to achieve monthly and annual targets
  • Mentored newly recruited graduate & diploma trainees
Hindalco Industries Limited, Renusagar

2 Year 0 Months

Senior Engineer

July 16 – June 18

  • Monitored & controlled the critical parameters for safe operation of boiler, turbine & generator
  • Proactively resolved plant emergencies to eliminate unstable conditions and stabilize operations
  • Identified process losses & continuously work towards improving operational efficiency
  • Introduced new process that improved boiler efficiency by 0.12 %
Mahagun, Noida

0 Year 9 Months


Jul 14 – Apr 15

  • Responsible for HT/ LT electrical installation, HVAC & firefighting works at construction site, quality control, bill preparation & vendor selection.
  • Co-ordinated with various departments for timely completion and on-time delivery of project.